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Wind power

For more than 30 years we have been known as a reliable partner for the manufacture of wind power components. The production range includes both smaller steel components, some of which are manufactured using robots, and highly dynamically stressed steel and cast components, including mechanical processing and preservation.


Thanks to our large-scale production halls, CNC-controlled machines for components weighing up to 120 tonnes each and our preservation facility, consisting of a washing, blasting and wet painting system, we can guarantee compliance with the stringent requirements in terms of strength, component geometry and corrosion protection for both the onshore and offshore sectors. 


Our many years of experience in the calculation, planning and projection of almost all components, from the tower to the engine room, round off our profile and offer our customers first-hand know-how.  

General mechanical engineering

German mechanical engineering has a very high standing worldwide. Durable machines, consisting of diverse, highly developed individual parts manufactured with precision, are the basic prerequisite for this success. We offer companies from a wide range of mechanical engineering sectors our support in the manufacture of individual components or assemblies, in steel construction as well as in mechanical processing, preservation and assembly.


Our references also include the manufacture of high-precision components for renowned customers from the press manufacture, plastics industry, gearbox and turbine construction sectors.


Systematic interlocking of integrated and comprehensive process flows according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 are characteristic of our company. This interactive system allows us to rationally interlink the use of materials, production technology and quality assurance.  


Our project managers accompany you from the quotation phase to the finished product, thereby ensuring smooth and trusting communication.


Reference in the field of holistic solution for warehouse and transport logistics: https://www.clsi-logispeed.de/

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Shipbuilding and steel construction for hydraulic engineering

Dynamically highly stressed steel components for propulsion technology, stainless steel components for the wellness area, large claddings made of aluminium and various parts for the interior of ships are just as much a part of our delivery programme as support structures for sports decks, the mechanical processing of lock gates and aluminium structures for theatre roofs.


Many years of experience in manufacturing and project planning and DNV-GL welding certification round off our profile as a versatile supplier of shipbuilding components.

Clean-room technology


The use of rust- and acid-resistant materials is just as important in the chemical, food, pharmaceutical industries and agriculture due to hygienic requirements as it is for hospital and laboratory supplies. 


We process and machine CrNi steels from the blank to the finished product for precisely these branches of industry. We attach particular importance to the clean, partly ground surfaces, including the area of the connecting seams. Specially trained specialists manufacture customer orders in a separate, ferrite-free hall so as not to damage the precious metals with their outstanding properties. 


In addition to the strict separation of the materials, we place great value on a high surface quality, which we can further refine optically by subsequent glass bead blasting according to the customer's wishes.

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