Areas of application:

LMB vertical safety ladders excel above all in applications at very high levels where space is limited.




The following areas of application are particularly worth highlighting:


  • Mechanical and structural systems with limited space for the climbing way
  • Radio and high-voltage masts
  • Wind turbines
  • Shafts

Technical / Information

The fixed LMB vertical safety ladder with central rail has symmetrical rungs at 280 mm intervals. The central rail is designed as a C-profile, carries the loads autonomously and also serves as a fixed guide for an accompanying fall-arrest device.





Further components are the mounting brackets of different lengths as a connection to the structure, the slide-in guardrails, climbing barriers and exit devices for fall protection, as well as the foldable rest platforms.

The LMB fixed ladders and the accessory assemblies have no rust-prone parts and are made of hot-dip galvanised steel. All components can also be used in coastal regions and in high humidity environments.